LEGENDALE is a new musical by Andrea Daly (Music, Co-Story) & Jeff Bienstock (Words, Co-Story) that blends adventure, romance, and virtual reality, over a pop-infused score. Legendale had its World Premiere in Denmark in March 2017 at the Fredericia Theater, and American premiere at The Human Race Theatre Company in September.


LEGENDALE is an original, contemporary musical comedy about the power of fantasy. The online game “Legendale” is Andy’s favorite way to escape and find adventure: he dreams of victory in the game’s tournament, but is stuck competing as a lowly milkmaid who crafts cheese. When the fantasy takes an unexpected turn, Andy and his avatar must both discover their inner warrior.

All production photos by Søren Malmose.
Fredericia Theater, March 2017
dir. by John Simpkins


* October 2017: Featured in the 46th Minute concert for the 29th Annual NAMT Festival of New Musicals
* September 2017: American Premiere at The Human Race Theatre Company in Dayton, Ohio
* March 2017: World Premiere at Fredericia Theater in Fredericia, Denmark
* December 2016: Staged Reading at The Human Race Theatre Company in Dayton, Ohio
* September 2016: Featured in “Bound for Broadway” with Liz Callaway at Merkin Hall
* April 2016: The ASCAP Musical Theatre Workshop in New York,
*********moderated by Stephen Schwartz , Dick Scanlan, and Karey Kirkpatrick
* February 2016: The ASCAP/Dreamworks Workshop at The Wallis in Los Angeles,
*********moderated by Stephen Schwartz , Irene Mecchi, and Karey Kirkpatrick
* October 2015: The 27th Annual National Alliance for Musical Theatre Festival of New Musicals



Full LEGENDALE demos––orchestrated by Bruce Coughlin, and recorded by select vocalists––coming in Fall 2017.
Piano/vocal demos available now:

When We Play
Newbie, a 14-year-old boy, walks on stage carrying a heavy backpack. His face lights up as he sets his textbooks aside and opens his laptop. Newbie communicates with other Legendale gamers in an online forum. Later the gamers are joined on stage by a mailman, police officer, and doctor, who each have their own reasons for playing Legendale.


Dead Again
Andy is logged into the game before he gets ready for work in the morning. He quickly gets eaten by a bog monster, and so he looks ahead to his day at the office.


Lord of Legendale
A huge online tournament is announced by Jansen, the creator of Legendale. The gamers each dream of victory. Andy knows that if he can just win the tournament, his life will be better.


Here And Now
At the office, life continues. A temp named Beth muses about her work experience, while Andy longs to get out.


I’ve Got A Rock
Zelayna, the milkmaid avatar to whom Andy has been assigned for the tournament, begins to talk to him. While Andy tries to figure out if he’s dreaming, Zelayna knocks out other competitors with unexpected resourcefulness. Andy reevaluates his chances.


What Goes Here
Paul Jansen, the creator of Legendale, paces in his office, trying to think of a name for the new mountain he’s just created.


Am I Dreaming
Andy decides to customize Zelayna with new physical features. Later, as he watches her sleeping peacefully, he realizes how different he feels with her around.


Epic Win
By some glitch in the game, Andy and Zelayna succeed in fending off the Dark Troll, but in the heat of the moment Andy insults Beth. Suddenly Andy’s boss appears behind him.

–––––––– INTERMISSION ––––––––


Taking Control
Two weeks later, a video of Zelayna fighting the Dark Troll has gone viral, and everyone on the internet wants to know the identity of the gamer that’s controlling her.


Andy begins a friendship with his coworker, and is surprised when Beth agrees to go on a date with him.


Why Not Me
Andy wants to quit the tournament, but Zelayna has plans of her own.


In her own way, Beth becomes involved in Andy and Zelayna’s place in the tournament.


Here And Now
After an unexpected battle witnessed by gamers worldwide, Andy and Beth acknowledge the meaning of their experiences in Legendale.


To inquire about the show or reach the writers, email, or contact Andrea through this website.

NAMT Video Blog: “Preparing for Rehearsals”


Recording demos with Nat Zegree

Incredible thanks to
Nat Zegree
Patrick Lundquist
Will Reynolds
Ryan Vona
Alan Schmuckler
Trevor Bachman
Nick Gaswirth

Roe Hartrampf
for lending their amazing voices
to the piano/vocal demos on this page.


Legendale Reading First reading, Nov 2014 | Marlo Hunter, director


ASCAP Workshop at The Wallis in Los Angeles, Feb 2016 | Stephen Schwartz, moderator